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uh this anon is dumb af

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tell this bitch to turn their location on so I can start a fight fuck

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not tru!!!!! i dont do anything but im still here

i love you all vm, i hope y’all know that. you’re fucking wonderful<3

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You know if you're not going to write fics or make AU's, there is no point in your blog at all.

i know, sighs. 

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I wonder how many “payne in the ass” jokes the boys of one direction have made at zayn’s expense


if this seriously is zayn rapping i will never stop laughing

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Please please please please please don't stop writing!


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Jazz, I completely understand getting frustated but you are such a wonderful writer. Seriously, I've loved all your fics and you shouldn't stop writing, especially if you enjoy it.

eughgghg why are people so nice, why>? thank you thou nonny, i try so hard but it’s never enough. i love you!

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she’s beauty and she’s grace
she’s miss united states

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no! you're a brilliant writer. don't give up! you're wonderful.

thanks nonny but I’m shit. seriously if you’d read the last fic I wrote you would be ashamed!! love to you thou

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if someone wants to finish any fics ive started go for it

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I’m never writing fic again I am inferior.

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